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H.323 q931 isp's| Still having internet problems |fun with multi system


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This is the highlight of my week Iam not going to post more than once. "Iam efficent not lazy"

Do most Isps block these tcp 1720 I think. I should specify cable Isps. I guess Isp's are gonna do what the want why not for fun create a proxy to a port that is not filtered. To see how long it will take them to block the port. Some one was asking me about video confrenceing I am not therre yet did look on google for conflicting answers. Anyone agree try to find an isp with qos?

There is a couple dsl providors that shove voice and video first. One has a name covad or something expensive. There is one close to where I live I wil try. Used them before when I could not get a normal cable isp. I mean we had some goofy cable company in what was a gated community.

Now they have a camera system and rfid cards and remotes. Basically the old garage door remotes. Just tail gate someone in. "sorry okay back on track".

My Isp sucks so I will use the dsl company in town. Just hope all of the phone jacks are intact in my apartment.

Multisystem package in ubuntu is okay. Nothing like multipass that Shannon demonstrated. It did not work for all iso's. I got at least eight distribution's a 16 gb flash drive.

The low light of my week some dork put a nasty yelp on the restaurant I work at/ live at a family thing. P.S I will not post again till next week, but might respond. Checkout Enomatic if you like wine. Catch you next week.

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