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Applet attacks?


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Has anyone gotten a applet attack working yet? .... Evil Java isn't very descriptive, or up to date.

Is it possible to get S.E.T on the Pineapple?


SET requires python, you could try installing to USB but it will most likely be slow and inherently break pineapple functionality.

You would be better off setting up a server on a VPS to host the SET cloned site, and use DNS Spoof to redirect to the fake site on your VPS.

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I'll bet that it works, but the problem as I see it is that when I was testing this, it was quite obvious that this was going to do something bad with you computer.. The AV went amok, and the "signing" of the applet was also kind of obvious, can't remember now what the name was, but didn't fool me at least.

And this test was done with an java applet I created with S.E.T. and used multiple encrypting or whatever it was called. However I did not set up a listener in BT for my simple test, so I'm not sure if it successfully can create a connection. I kind of lost the interest when my AV went amok.

However, if anyone have any idea of an applet that does not trigger AV, and may could fool the victim, then please let us know!! :)

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