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USB light and /usb folder not working/missing


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Hey guys, the USB light on my Pineapple won't light up and and I don't have a USB folder anymore when I use WinSCP to access the pineapple. This problem has only happened since I updated to 2.7.0 so I reverted back to 6.3 but still no luck. Any ideas? I even re-formatted a USB drive to make sure that wasn't the problem with still no luck. Thanks!

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i had a similar issue with usb light.. turned out to be a bad usb drive. strange thing was, it works fine in any computer i stick it in, but the pineapple doesnt seem to love it.

have you tried another usb drive? (no need to reformat, the usb light should come on if it finds a device)

as to the /usb path missing.. maybe its created on demand the first time a usb device is mounted?

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