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Limiting Bandwidth?


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Hi !

Many thanks for all the support so far, its been really damn appreciated. Im rocking the latest firmware beta and it seems to be working out just great.

I have my pine connected up to my home network thanks to some awesome advice, how I have one mor question. Is there an easy way of limiting the bandwidth the connected pineapple clients can use?

I would like to limit the overall usage and restrict their services. Basically, I don't want someone to be able to connect up and leech like a bitch ! :)

Many thanks x

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Just a shot in the dark here as I am at uni I cant test this on mine,

try this http://wiki.openwrt.....the.connection

many thanks for the link. I havent tried that yet bud. is there a way of limiting the bandwidth using the router the pineapple connects to?

If for instance i connect the pineapple to a laptop that shares out its internet connected to my 'main' home router, then using the firmware of the router to limit what the PC can access? - would that mean every client connected via the pineapple is also limited?

I have an asus n16 router, and currently have tomatousb installed.

I am thinking QoS rules?

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Ok sorry for the crapy diagram here but let me see if I get this straight:

You have a network that looks like this:


And you want to limit the connectivity from your main "HomeRouter" this will in turn limit the connectivity to your laptop (as I am guessing you use a connection sharing setup at the laptop right?) and thus in turn this then filters down to limit the pineapple, this seems like overkill to stop leachers you could set up wshaper on the pineapple and shape ppl's connections.

Bert Huberts website (http://lartc.org/wondershaper/) talks about what it sounds like you want to do with the pineapple but if you want to do it to your whole network then yeah probably QoS rules.

Acording to this (http://tomatousb.org...to-s-qos-system) the main gist of QoS is more application based mannagement not individual client based mannagement. This does not sound like what you are after (read below)

A "QOS" (Quality Of Service) system running on a SOHO router is best viewed as a firmware strategy used to give priority to those applications which are important. Without it, anarchy rules, and the downloader will usually wreck the internet access for everybody else.Many simple routers and unmanaged switches just forward traffic without looking at it and without doing anything special to it. Some switches and routers have several priority queues for network traffic (e.g. Tomato has 10 - which are Highest, High, Medium, Low, Lowest, A, B, C, D, E). These provide a basic kind of "QoS" by giving priority treatment to certain types of network traffic.

If however you wanted to limit the total amount downloadable (say so as to not rack up a massive bill on your 3/4g carier) you may try this page (http://wiki.openwrt....acket.scheduler) and do it on the pineapple itself, your main concern seems to be that a client will suck all your data, you may wish to read more from our freind Bert Hubert, (http://lartc.org/how...artc.qdisc.html) Lots of theory on shaping there but I still think this would be best performed on the pineapple itself.

But then I have 0 experience here I just googled it.

Other than that see if you can monitor some one and just blacklist em after a limit is hit, if they change their mac addr to get back on then you probably have a bigger fish on the line than you want and you may wish to revisit wshaper.

There could also be software options for the laptop itself to limit the amount of bandwidth the pineapple, if windows there is a bunch of realy dodgy lookin free programs... as of 6 years ago there seems to be no way to limit bandwith in windows nativly (ref: http://www.techsupportforum.com/forums/f31/limiting-internet-bandwidth-over-lan-119444.html#post655275) and if windows is anything to go by I have no reason to believe they have fixed this yet.

Good luck.

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