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Laptop Netbook Or Chrome Book And Other Things.


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Looking intto a netbook, laptop or chromebook. Ran into a snag my p.o.s laptop died. Share your experience with each. Please keep in context with the question I want to know how you feel about this.

Will they all work with various live distri's

Other things i did or fixed this week. My leadtek xpert2000 I think thatx the tv card works. For sound first try connecting a cd audio cable to a line in on the mother board. I could not get it to work from a cd in. I cut the end of the cd rom audio cable. Used my test meter to determine if voltage was present. It was I touched the black which is gnd to the tip of a headphone plug and the red to the other part and there was audio. I mounted my yagi on a piece of 1" pvc need a pipe flange and piece of wood to make a stand. I am going to try to recreate the 90.9% stop in reaver capture packets see what I can come up with thats all for now

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I personally don't have any issues with Laptops using Linux. The Kernel's are pretty inclusive these days for the drivers you need. Had a 5 year old Vaio that bit the dust on Thursday (lost z, then q, then left shift, then the screen). It ran ubuntu, arch and sabayon just fine. Switched to an Acer and it's happy as ever running Arch with the Cinnamon desktop. It even has a broadcomm ethernet port. I was expecting hell, but it was pretty smooth.

I'm toying with using Fuduntu because it's apparently designed to be good on batteries, but honestly, I can get 5-6 hours out of it now. Jupiter power manager is the thing you need to install to get good battery life.

Netbooks work well as long as you stick with the lightest distro you can put you hands on. Like LMDE with a lightweight WM, or even Puppy linux. I've never owned one, but several of my friends asked me to make them faster by removing Windows and they all worked.

Never used a Chrome book before so I can't comment on that.

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