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Wrt160Nl Cloned Pineapple


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I have like 5 of these linksys wrt160nl's. I don't use them for anything. I knew I could turn them into pineapple's.

I asked for source or for a openwrt config file for this GNU project and was shot down with a no.

Never the less I got super busy at work and I also moved and packed away all my embedded gear.

Months later earlier today I was looking for something else and found these routers. I decided to take a shot at cloning it without the source via dumping the fs and modifying + merging config files.

It works fine,even nabbed somebody before UI was fully ready.


I'll see what else I can get it running on. I would like people who can't afford the device but have a capable device laying around to be able to experience what karma can do first hand.

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