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Got an internet connection problem on one of my pcs on my home network.

I have 2 laptops, a wdtv, nexus7 and a number of kindles connecting to the internet no problem. Both laptops and the nexus can connect to websites .

However the browsers(IE, chrome and firefox) on the pc will not bring up the web page, just getting a server not found message. The pc connects to the router by wifi, I can even ping servers outside my network including the dns server at from this pc. My first thought before I checked the laptops etc was dns server problems but obviously not as the laptops etc are connecting to websites fine.

However i have now narrowed it down to a program I use on that pc called Spotflux, which automatically sets up a vpn to the spotflux servers in the states so i can watch US tv prgrams. I have tried closing this program and flushing and renewing dns cache but this didn't work. However if I leave the spotflux vpn open all the time I am able to browse to websites.

Any thought please?

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