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Verifone Vx510


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OK, got a challenge... (Besides the basics, I got dev access, blah blah blah) but I need to find a business for whom allows my client to make charge payments to. He owns a local shop and wants this damned Verifone installed. He tried getting Paypal pro... but they just gave him the run around. Whom else would provide the proper number to install the correct firmware for business transactions... HMMMM... wonder if someone can figure this one out...

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In my experience, the configuration of these machines is usually done by the credit card processor. I've dealt with a few of these machines before and they were all provided by the respective company that did the processing. Likely your client will need to sign up with a processing service before you can make the machine work; they have to be authorized by the processing service before they will communicate with the provider. Once your client signs a contract with a provider, you will need to get on the phone with the tech support for the processing service and they will walk you through setup. It's not a matter of re-flashing the firmware, it's a matter of finding a provider that supports that machine, which I would guess most do, and then getting them to agree to letting you use your own terminal and authenticating it to their system.

I was changing the machines I worked on from authenticating over phone lines, to authenticating over Ethernet/IP. I just called up the tech support for the processing company and they walked me through all the menus and magic passwords to set the necessary settings. However you should be aware that the processor has to add your machine to their server for it to function with their services. I had to first call the processing company and give them the serial numbers on the machines, they then had to set up their server to hand out AES encryption keys to the devices, and then I had to walk through the service menus to download the AES keys to the terminals. This took two phone calls to their tech support, but was basically painless.

Did your client buy a used machine? You will likely need to reset it and then configure it to connect to whatever processor your client wants to go with. You should also make sure your client is aware that some processors have differing levels of priority with which they reconcile transactions and put the money into the client's account. I had a client that bounced a few checks because his processor took two days longer than they said to actually transfer money into his bank account. He was not happy, and they transferred his account to the next priority tier.

The following were found using Google

http://www.globalcheck.com/o37dload.html (I've used this system password before and it seemed pretty universal - "1 alpha alpha 66831")


Don't know if any of this helps, but hopefully ...

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Thanks, man! I have got it worked out... it was used... and he ended up buying a new one locally and the merchant charges 9% (which I thought was ridiculous, but I don't know too much from that aspect). But, cheers, because this thread has been untouched for a loooooong time...

I now owe you a beer... maybe see some of you guys at DerbyCon!

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