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[BugReport] Key Problems


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I'm attempting to mimic the available payloads, so I can learn more of the system. I seem to have some problems with special keys on a Windows 7 Pro SP1 32-bit machine.

The Wallpaper Prank does not perform the "GUI d" command, to show the desktop.. the best I got was a white back ground, with the icons still visible. The white background was because it didn't paste the screen shot in paint, and just saved the blank file.

The reverse shell does not CONTROL ESCAPE to open the Start Menu.. the rest just goes down hill from there.

I'm not sure why this would be happening? Is this just me?

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Well, I had got the white screen shot after several tries and I think I had helped it with part of it... but I did figure out what the problem was. I needed a delay in the beginning of the scripts. After researching and experimenting, I realized that the computer was taking a few seconds to register the Ducky, but I had read the Ducky starts pretty much as soon as it gets power. So I added a slight delay in the beginning to let the computer catch up, and it works great now. :) Thanks

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