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[BugReport] Ducky Only Works When Pressing The Button


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I tried searched forums and watched the tutorial before posting so sorry if i missed something. So i took an example script and copied to the ducky with no problem but the issue i have is it will only excute when i press the button on the ducky usb. The OS i was testing on was a Win7 x64.

Thanks in advance,


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yeah had the same "Issue" but yay its a pretty easy one \o/.

the problem itself lies in that the ducky executes the script as soon as it gets power to the board. and it happens so fast so that windows itself doesnt recognize it as a keyboard/mouse.

easy fixin, just add a DELAY at the top of your script giving windows time to recognize the ducky as a HID, i run with

DELAY 5000

fixed my problems atleast =)

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I had a great method for detecting when the keyboard was ready for the teensy devices.


bool numLockTrap = numLockOn();

while(numLockTrap == numLockOn()) {
keyPressAmountWithDelay(KEY_NUM_LOCK, 1);

keyPressAmountWithDelay(KEY_NUM_LOCK, 1);


I beleve numLockOn() gets the state of numLock

once numlock changes that means that the keyboard of the teensy device is fully installed and functioning, this could be added for the ducky firmware

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Added the "DELAY 5000" and everything worked! Thanks again!

Same problem for me, white rubberducky and DELAY 5000 worked


This is because you need to give it some time to be recognized by the OS. Or else your script will run as soon as power is applied and the teensy OS is loaded. If the machine already has identified the ducky/teensy on that USB port before, it will recognize it faster.

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