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[BugReport] Can't Use Gui W/o Other Keys

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I get an error message, and I donä' get why.

I'm using the Hak5 Duckenocoder 1.2, on a windows 7 computer.

What I want to do is open the start menu and write in the "search programs and files"-window to start cmd as admin. Part of Script below:




Delay 150

According to the duckyscript page on GitHub the use of "GUI" should be possible without other parameters. But I get an error message every time I try to put it through the duckencoder.


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Do you have a delay at the start of the script? I include a 5-second delay in all my scripts (DELAY 5000), so that it gives the machine time to recognise the USB. The ducky will execute the script immediately after it gets power from the system board, which is before the OS can recognise the function of the USB and load the correct drivers. The error is probably from typing C-M-D rapidly when there is no input to take it.

You're right that the GUI command can be used without parameters. Might I suggest that to run cmd as admin, you try the following script:

DELAY 5000
STRING whatever...

The MENU command is the same as right-click, so it just right-clicks cmd and chooses "Run As Administrator" from the list with 'a'.

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Thank you, that got me a bit further. However, It appears that the "MENU" command will right click where the pointer is, and not in the start menu, so when I run the script I get the menu for the desktop.

I made a workaround by ignoring the "run as admin.." but it would be nice to know what I diid wrong.

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Hmm.. I checked my script for this (I have a Teensy++ 2.0), and remembered that you can type cmd into the start menu, hold CTRL and SHIFT and press ENTER to run as admin. I'm not sure if you can string together three modifier keys in the Ducky, but there must be a way of doing this.



But, as I said, it might not work.. Anyone else had any luck stringing together more than two modifier keys?

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