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Routing Through A Virtualbox Interface


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Hi there

I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 set up , and I am running it as a DHCP, DNS, Router, AD, File Server, etc. I am installing VirtualBox on it and running a Linux distrobution that allows me to set up a Captive Portal.

Guests will connect to wireless routers, running on the subnet, and will be assigned an IP Address in the to range, and the routers will run on the to range. The routers will be connected to a switch that the computer running the server is connected to, the server has one NIC, and the routers will be on the same physical network as my main network (due to physical restrictions).

What I want to know is using the windows server how would I effectivly route packets coming from the 172.24 subnet to my virutal Captive Portal server, and then forward them on to the internet gateway on the 172.16 subnet.

Help would be great,



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