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Hostapd/karma/jasager Tl-wr1043nd

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I've been reading a lot about hostapd/karma/jasager the minipwner digininja and a bunch other articles/people involved.

I would really like to get this working for this particular TL-WR1043ND router. So this is what i did:

But what's next? Cross compile digininja's hostapd-karma for this board?

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The mini pwner is based on the wr703n, so it may or may not work, lots of variables in the embedded hardware world, such as chipsets and big/little endian etc, your best bet would be to post on the openwrt forums, see what they say. I've never compiled/built my own openwrt image or packages, but ad digininja has said before trying to build complicated packages like karma etc is like jumping in the deep end of openwrt building.

I've often looked for good detailed instructions for building openwrt but never found any good ones!

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