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Wireless Repeaters/aps?


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Hey guys im looking to get a wireless repeater but had a few questions on them.

-is there anything special to look for to make sure it will work with the router or will any kind work?

-does anyone know if the dual antenna models are made to use 1 antenna to talk to the router and the other to talk to clients? im looking to replace 1 antenna with a high gain direction antenna to pick up the signal closer to the source to get maximum signal quality between router and repeater.

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so just because it has 2 antennas doesnt mean that 1 is used only to talk to the router?

im also looking for suggestions on fairly cheap repeaters that allow you to make the repeated network a different name. so far ive been looking at the Agasio AR500 wondering if anyone has used it?

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If you want a good wireless solution, you should check this one out



Wireless Adapter


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What i've always done for wireless repeaters or bridges is get some Linksys routers, make sure they're the same model for best performance, and flash dd-wrt on them. That will give you all the tools you need and will give you the best performance. Just looking at it you can customize which antenna's go to what and you can adjust your tx power and everything.

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