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Creating New Identity


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This may be a little too much on the "dark side," despite being for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. If so, mods, feel free to delete.

I was wondering if anyone here has any good recommendations on books/ebooks/websites/etc with instructions on creating a new identity. All the "classics" (Ex - The Paper Trip) are horribly outdated at this point, and most of the "new" books are over 10 years old. Of the few recently published ones I found, I can't find much about how good (or bad) they are. Just wondering if I'm missing any really good ones.

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I will have to warn you before hand, that the "deep web" or "dark side" is constantly monitored by Feds so do it at your own risk.

Now follow this guide on how to access the Dark side, http://thebotnet.com/guides-and-tutorials/49828-how-to-access-the-hidden-wiki/

And good luck.

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This is what that Facebook guy did recently to get around paying taxes.

Hopefully he took into consideration that when he tries to attend the board meeting in LA or NYC with his new passport, Customs is rightfully going to say "LOL NO THX BYE".

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