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Problems With Connecting To New Mk Iv Both Wired/wireless


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Hi all. I've spent some time reading on the forums and apparently this doesn't happen often so here goes:

Brand new shipped PA MK IV just received this morning.

Connecting with:

Ubuntu 12.04

Wlan0 ip gw x.x.x.1 nm x.x.x.0

eth0 ip gw x.x.x.1 nm x.x.x.0

Both ICMP and HTTP requests fail.

eth0. 1) Used the wp4.sh. All settings were auto-detected and the defaults accepted. No connection. 2) Run GUI network configuration on Ubuntu, ping -I etho http://x.x.x.1 [failed] 3) Edit /etc/init.d/networking/interfaces to add the IP addr as static and by hand, then restart networking. Same result.

wlan0. 1) Disconnect from network and look for Pineapple SSID. Find and connect. Check wlan0 addr: ICMP and HTTP both fail.

TL;DR Brand new device is up and handing out DHCP over wireless, but is not able to be either pinged or connected to via the .1 address. I imagine DHCP and ICMP both run on layer 2, so why one works and the other does not is beyond me. I can provide copy/paste for these settings if necessary.


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Connect to your wifi source, then disable network manager. After that, run the wp4.sh and it should work. If not try these links.



Thanks. I went ahead and followed that advice to no avail. I was however able to get myself on it's wifi and see that it is up and running.

I booted into Win7 and followed the win7 advice with the same results. At that point I tried a known good cable unless that was the issue.

I did notice that the splash page lists a 10. addr along with the 172.x.x.1. Being the leet haxor I am I tried the PoE port. I'll go away now :)

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