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Hey guys,

I've been working on an open source firewall for Windows for a while now. Its called fireBwall and it filters/edits/sends packets from user mode, and lets developers create modules that can filter/edit/send packets. Right now, modules are developed in .Net 2.0, just like the firewall(aside from the driver) is. We added themes because people kept saying the GUI looked lame, and for this occasion, I made a theme for Hak.5


We are fairly experienced developers, but we lack users who are writing their own modules. We allow users to submit modules so that the rest of the community can use them, and even help develop them. The same with themes. We are also always looking for more developers. I'm currently in the middle of implementing the new software architecture I drew up that will increase functionality, and make current functions more efficient. Here's a short demo of the latest version.

If you want to try it out, you can download fireBwall from our site, and here is a template for Visual Studio for getting started with developing fireBwall modules. fireBwall Module Template

Just a heads up, the fireBwall installer installs the drivers that fireBwall needs to function, but the template does not. These drivers are currently supplied by NTKernel(the Winpkfilter drivers). Now here is the kicker. In the future, we plan on making a Module Market kind of place, where developers can sell their modules, whether they be for protection, or for attacks(like the ARP/NDP/DNS poisoning module PoisonIvy currently being developed). I think this will help security developers not only make a name for themselves, but be able to make some money without having to make an entire firewall. This project has been my raison d'etre for 6 months at least now, and I use it on all my Windows boxes(works on Windows XP all the way up through 8, including servers).

You should check out the modules we've made so far and include with firebwall, the Save Flash Video module easily saves files played on sites like Pandora and Grooveshark, and various video sites. *cough* redtube *cough

fireBwall Modules

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Great work:-D

Do you think something like peerblock could be made into a module for your system? It hasn't been updated in some time.

Was that the IP list blocker? Because we do have a module called IPGuard that does that. It is included in the current version of fireBwall. We hope to improve it soon, allowing for IP block lists to be auto-updated and downloaded via the module, instead of manual downloads from www.iblocklist.com



There is the source in my git fork right now, it was a module headed up by drone, the other developer.

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Bit of a bump but the firewall is working great. I completely forgot that you released it too! Been running some tests against it and it's holding up against all of the common attacks like it said it would so that's great!

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