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Tribes Ascend?


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Just wondering if we have any Tribes: Ascend players on here. I've been having fun blasting people out of the sky at high speeds for the past month or so now, and I must say it's one of the best Free to play titles I've played. Seems to be a lot of attention in the free to play market lately. First this, then Planetside 2 and even Mechwarrior: Online, can't wait for the others, what are your thoughts? If there are any players out there my name is Radau on Hi-Rez, so add me if you want to frag some people!

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I haven't played it in a few weeks but it was fun the last time I played it, just a lot of people complaining about pay to win on a gun or two but if you're a good enough shot you can get the job done B)

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