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Android Security Is Missing


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Hi hak5ers I have a samsung galaxy s young android smartphone, works great but its been shut off remotly hacked 3 times and iv noticed theres no security or sudo password or root password, nothing to help secure up the phone, I know it was hacked becasue it was a ordered test through an app called am I hackable or something like that, ( I do NOT recommend you install this)

and also because when I turnt phone back on it had surprise surprise, full battery which also shows it was hacked to shutdown on purpose, how can we secure our phones with an app or whatever to allow only us to allow a root password of sorts and obviously it will then be protected, I have emailed feedback for google email and ofc hurd nothing back:/ lame arnt they its like they dont want us to have any privacy, or security for our so called smart phones :(

any ideas for a fix for this security hole would be apreciated!!!

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Root the phone yourself and run passwd from a terminal, and don't install 3rd party apps you don't know what they do?

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