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New Pineapple - No Success


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I've got a brand new Pineapple M4 sitting here, just waiting to have some fun. It's got the shipped OS version and I haven't changed anything on it.

Here's the setup

Tablnet (((((( Pineapple ----ethernet----MacBookPro)))internet(Wifi)

I connected a cable from the Pineapple to the MBP, green light on the LAN(POE) port on the M4 and the MBP shows active. Static IP of (no gateway set)

Herein is the first problem. I connect to the M4 via another machine and I try to ping from the Pineapple to the MBP ip. No go. I try to ping from the MacBook and I see ARP requests being sent out (Wireshark installed) but no response at all.

I've checked my Mac firewall thinking it was the cause of the ping reply fail, but that doesn't explain when the Mac tries to ping the m4 unless it has a firewall turned on.

So I set up connection sharing on the MAC to bridge from Ethernet to Wifi, but I noticed on the "netstat -rn" that the route for the the network seems to go away when I turn on sharing. (see attached .jpg)

I've also tried to run the mk4.sh script on the pineapple , but I'm not sure about the wording of

PC to Pineapple - wlan0

PC to Internet - eth0 (why does the Pineapple care what the Mac's interfaces are)

I'm at a bit of a loss here and request the help of anyone willing to help out. Much appreciated.


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osx is a special case of pineapples. See the pinned thread in these forums for details on how to make it work.


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