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Wordlist And Rainbow Table


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If I was unsuccessful at cracking a wpa with a word list would it be useless to try and crack the same wpa if I made a rainbow table with the same word list?

If using the same wordlist and SSID, then yes, it would be useless. The resulting pass phrases would be the same. However, having the pre-mad rainbow table, might come in handy for assessments on other access points down the road, its just a matter of which one you want to store. The plain text wordlist, or the larger computed rainbow tables. One thing to note though, you can create multiple lists of rainbow tables from one wordlist, just have to feed it the additional SSID's you want tables for.

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Perfect. Thank you digip. Just what I needed to know. You mentioned "larger computed rainbow tables". Approximately how much larger would the table be if I were to use a 10gb word list?

Depends how many SSID's you add to the list, but I have no clue on the size. This might be an indicator though - http://forum.md5decrypter.co.uk/topic531-cowpatty--airolib--pyrit-ssid-specific-rainbowtables-for-wpa.aspx

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