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Raspberry Pi

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I wouldn't count on it. While backtrack does have an ARM based version, I think its memory and CPU requirements might need a little more than what the raspberry provides. The raspberry comes in 2 flavors, 128mb and 256mb of ram, with an ethernet and 1 or 2 usb ports. Not sure you could get much out of it on there, but a low powered stripped down linux distro with HDMI drivers, could power something such as a small media center attached to network storage or external media over USB. I just don't think in its current form, its going to be running anything other than custom built versions of linux designed for the Pi hardware limitations.

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Ah fair enough, figured it was a bit of a pipedream haha, thanks anyways!

Should support Debian linux, and it's just a matter of installing the packages you require from apt.

I am using a pogoplug ping (1.2mhz processor, 256mb ram) running debian squeeze, with metasploit and set both working solidly away.

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