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Looking for recommendations on eReaders. Color screen is not essential as i am mostly going to be using it to read PDFs. Preferably with WiFi and bigger the screen the better. Looking for something with the least amount of DRM nonsense on it (if applicable). Going to start searching on my own, just thought i'd get some opinions from some of you that may already have one or used a couple. Thanks in advance for any recommendations/help. =D

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Anything with Android on it is far better than your standard 'ereader'.

Personally I use this:


Running this:


Using the following apps:

ezPDF Reader

Moon+ Reader


With those, I can read every ebook format. All for around $100 bucks (AUS) in total. Doubles as a networking tool for my job as well.

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I love love love my Kindle Keyboard. It's less than $200 and has Wifi + 3g. None of my books are DRM and I've chosen to not buy any that are, or find them elsewhere.

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