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Small Usb Device That Let You Replay Usb-streams


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Hi Hak5

I have been trying to play with the Apple TV 2 which is an increadble nice small box - seen from the hardware perspective. I have jailbreaked with the seas0n-method, which is a hack, that works until the power is switched off the unit. When the power is switced on you need to push 2 buttons and boot the device through a computer's software, which sends a usb-stream with a file to the mini-usb of the apple-tv2 box. I hate, that Im not able to just install a bootloader - because I got root and everything, but it seems the protection is happening already in the EFI. When you start the box its just showing the iTunes logo... SUCKS! - then you push the 2 buttons 7 seconds on the remote, which puts the device into DFU-mode (firmware-upload-mode - I guess...). The Apple-TV2-box then asks for the firmware through mini-usb - and gets it from the computer hooked up.

I have installed XBMC and is now able to watch hak5 through XBMC. YAAY! Awesome !!

In fact I have been falling so much in love with this little box, that I want to see if I can make it even more enjoyable.

What Im looking for is a device that can record usb-streams and replay them (eventually edit the stream for timing) (like hardware-keyloggers for capturing keyboards).

Do you know if such devices exist? (Im imagine a usb-stick of some sort)

Thanks for a really great show, that I really love to watch.


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Not sure about replaying streams, but I'm pretty sure the latest version of Wireshark, has a plugin for sniffing USB. Easier way though, would just to be sniffing the network traffic itself vs USB, but if the feed is only over USB, then wireshark might be able to do it. There are probably other protocol analyzers out there that could to it too, but I don't know of any off the top of my head. There is a tool for reconstructing network streams called tcpflow, and network miner can reconstruct certain known file types, so if say an avi file was captured 100% start to finish, it should be able to spit out the raw file. First thing you would want to do though, is find out of the traffic is encrypted or not, because some streaming video, is not sent in the clear ;)

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Hi digip

Thanks for the answer. Yes - I ofcourse have to take encryption into account - thats true... I will try to see if the stream is encrypted by comparing the streams captured 3-4 times. If the traffic is the same I can conclude the stream is not encrypted. Actually, I believe its not encrypted - because the seas0n-hack actually is able to spoof this firmware.. It would probably not have been easy to make the seas0n-hack, if the stream was encrypted. But anyway I will check it.

But what about the USB-device that should resend the captured stream ? Do you have any ideas ?

Best regards


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