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Pineapple Phishing Problem - Facebook Only


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hello forums,

i have some trouble with my facebook phishing sample.

this is how it works till now:

user visits "my" facebook-page

enters the credentials, which will be written to a file.

user will be redirected to "my" facebook-wrong-password page (which is similar to the original one)

user enters his credentials again on "my" page.

internal function checks, if credentials from first loginpage and second loginpages matches.

If yes:

--> inserting the credentials to the "original" (means officially facebook-page).

function works fine with googlemail, so i am sure its correct.

but if i fill in the credentials automatically to the original facebook page, the following message appears:

you should never enter your credentials on pages which not belongs to facebook. or similar (have only a german sentence of that message but should be right)

I think facebook proofs the referer. How can i handle the referer-field with php?


PS: sourcecode will follow....

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