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Question On Putty Localhost Ssh

Ninja Monkey

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I was watching the latest episode Hak5 1108 – Hak5 Special: Proxies

I decided to try the putty proxy tunnel and was of course prompted to put in a username and password.

Needless to say I have no idea what they are I have tried my Win login etc but no luck.

Edit: Sorry to clarify, I am connecting to myself here but I dont know what I am connecting too ... if that makes sense lol

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You would need to setup a SSH daemon to run on your Windows machine and manage user accounts in the software.

Easy setup is to run linux, setup sshd and login with your linux user account.

If I'm connecting to myself in SSH surely I am running something that is accepting a connection ?

I was wondering if I could find what is actually accepting the connection.

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Depends on the OS you are connecting to.

It's windows 7 but I was unaware any of the software I am running had SSH connections to them, I dont like to not know really.

I'm aware of all ssh clients on my Linux box but never thought of my windows set-ups connections. the whole episode just made me curious.

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I just tried to ssh to my windows machine. As expected it timed out for me.

I'd run netstat to find out what is running on port 22. Maybe process monitor as well to help find out what it is.

Edit: Try using this.


It's amazing how little simple things slip your mind when your half asleep and cought offguard

a quick netstat -b showed something called freesshd :S apparently my roommate installed it because he needed ssh...

yea anyways I slapped him a couple of times...

thanks Mr.Protocol

edit: I appreciate the link but sorted it now getting timeouts from Linux box > Windows so :) all is well with the world again

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