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Metasploit/ruby Documentation For Session.fs.file?


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Is there documentation for session.fs.file in metasploit?

Here's my problem: I'm building a post module (meterpreter, windows sessions only). If I attempt to upload a nonexistent file using session.fs.file.upload, a zero byte file gets created on the remote system, and the remote directory is locked. I don't mind the zero byte file, but the locked directory is a BIG problem.

So, I need a way to check that the local file exists before uploading, or preferably have a way to release the lock on the directory when an error occurs.

I can't even find where in the metasploit code session.fs.file is located, and there's no documentation that I've been able to find using google... but I may not be searching for the right thing. Any help would be appreciated!


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Try using the locate command, to locate the location of the file.

At the terminal window type:

Locate session.fs

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