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G0tm1lk Fakeap_pwn


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Check to make sure that it's not already being used by another program? Maybe it's already started, possibly by default?

Check to make sure it is installed?

Other than that, I would try booting from a live CD and trying the script there and see if it has the same results.

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even if i try it from a live cd or from a usb i still get the same results, I think the problem is in the script or backtrack cd has change from previous versions. In the scipt it shows a route to a file, but when i try to look for the file on backtrack, i cant seem to locate it. Has anybody had the same problem or does anybody else know a better way of setting up a fakeap.

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I had problems with dhcp3 also but with easy-creds. I ended up having to downgrade dhcp3-common and then installing dhcp3-server and then everything worked just fine. You might try that for your fakeap_pwn script too.

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