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Rssi & Zigbee


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Hey guy's, I'm trying to find some info on RSSI & Zigbee. I have a buddy that just got an alarm system that uses all wireless sensor's using the zigbee protocol. To my knowledge I did some research on Zigbee and as I was researching I noticed I didn't see really anything about this wireless protocol in the states. Just about everything I found needed to be translated.

However he was notified about the RSSI not being in spec with some of his sensor's? I've been looking all over online about RSSI, Google, YouTube, etc. but haven't really found any useful information to my understanding on how to improve this RSSI value and what can effect this value.

Was wondering if you guys knew of any useful documentation. Not looking for a book, just a "in a nutshell" youtube video overview, etc. if that makes sense.


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