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Idea For A Module

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I have been trying , both successfully and unsucessfully the past few weeks to try to organise a log rotation script for my own use.

I was reading an old article on twitter integration of household objects, when I thought that maybe I could put a small twitter script on board, writing out associations, urlsnarfs or passwords.

Can this be done easily and what do people think of the security concerns?

Obviously, creating a single account for the pineapple, kept private.

What do you people think?

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Another good idea I just had was a module that through check boxes could save a few settings to the usb and also reverse them back after you upgrade?

I know there might be some problems with any modifications to how or where things are saved but for some things it would save a lot of time manually changing back.



cron tabs


also have a script you can use or modify to do those ssh commands I always do.


ln -s


as well as being able to save custom files like my random.php, would make it easier to get going I made a list of all the stuff I have to do after a firmware upgrade

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