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Mark Iv Execute Command Result Not Showing On Ipad (safari Mobile)


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Hey guys,

i have configured the the Mark iv for phishing and it works great. When i go to the advanced tab on my laptops browser then execute the "cat phish.log" or "cat urlsnarf.log" command, i am able to view all the entries stored in the log files. However when i try this same process from my ipad i get the red "executing command" text but it is unable to display the file. As far as i can tell every other function of the web interface works fine on the ipad.

Any idea's how to solve this? I know i can use ssh but administering the web interface on Mark iv from the ipad is leet.The other option would be to display urlsnarf.log and phish.log on the status page but i haven't looked into this yet.

Ps. does anyone use a browser for social media web pages any more? i think majority of target rich environments will now be using Apps from mobile devices making the current dns spoofing obsolete. I might record the traffic from the facebook ios app and have a look how hard it would be to play with. I understand its still web traffic but the current dns spoofing does not account for the way apps communicate.



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