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Mkiv: Problem Connecting Via Wifi


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I have been playing around with the MK IV for a few days and i have had no problems unitl now. Now I can't connect to the pineapple via WiFi. I cant get my iPhone or any computer to connect to it over WiFi. I am able to see the SSID, but when i try to connect it says "Unable to connect". I am able to ssh and login to the GUI with no problem. I have reflashed with the current firmware, but i still get the same results. Any help would be great.

PS. I am ready sorry if this has been answered before but i couldn't find anything on the same topic.

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I have been and it still says "Unable to connect". I just think that it is really weird because just the other day i had no problem with anything connecting to it. But i will keep trying.

Edit: I have left the pineapple off for a while now to see if i could reproduce the problem and its still there but now it doesn't even seem like karma is working, even when it says karma - enabled

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