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Set And Dnsspoof


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Its also what Im thinking but there is probably a way to go around that problem. Is there a way to sepecify the gateway in set so it redirect out to the internet after the attacks instead of looking for the real website on the pineapple network. Or do I have to change some config on the pineapple itself. I tried spoofing to the interface facing the internet on my laptop but same result.

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Is your pineapple doing the DNS spoofing? Is it spoofing the website to the pineapple or to the BackTrack machine?

Either way it is going to be a matter of disabling the DNS spoof after the first hit. You can get crafty with iptables and make a custom rule to allow the redirect, or watch your SET terminal and then disable dns spoofing when you see activity.

Even then it might not work if the DNS is cached. If someone has a solution for it, would be great to see it. But I'm unsure if there is one.

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