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Bricked Ap51?


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I accidentally flashed the MKII Firmware to the AP51. I cannot ping but the GUI flashing tool still will flash but I wont get a ping or broadcoasted SSID from the unit. I am assuming its bricked and serial is my only option?

So I just purchased this.


Whats the procedure once I get terminal access? which firmware will i restore and how? thanks,

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To flash over serial this works (see section 5) HERE

But you will need a pinout diagram:










+-----+ +-----+ +---+

|Power| | LAN | |Ant|

Note when you issue the transfer command when logged into Redboot you will still have to initiate the ymodem transfer on your terminal program, its not automatic like when using an IP based transfer.

Because your USB/serial adapter requires drivers some of them do not work well for serial transfers. If your chip is FTDI it should work. Or find a vintage PC with a serial port.

Good luck

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