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  1. If Boosted240 decides not to buy yours PM me. Why are you frustrated with it? Check your PM.
  2. This brings up a question, is there an alternative location to obtain the modules?
  3. Do you have a USB to TTL converter? If you can get to the U-boot bootloader from a serial console maybe a re-flash (manual) would fix it. There is lots of info here, but it is really easy. Word of caution, make sure your TTL converter operates at 3.3v, not 5v. Don't ask me how I know!!
  4. If for some reason (bad flash or a corrupt firmware bin file) you can't access the router through ethernet (bricking) you can use the four pins located on the PCB to establish a serial connection and look at the initial bootloader (u-boot) and manually flash a new firmware and configure other settings. Just make sure the converter you use/buy is 3.3 volts VCC and not 5.
  5. That works, thanks, I did not think a http auth was affected by the passwd command.
  6. Greetings: Been playing around with the MK4 fw and am able to ssh into the pineapple and using "passwd" can change the root pw for ssh logins as usual. But since the web UI is not being served over SSH, passwd has no effect on the UI password. Where is the config file where the web UI password is written? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the info and the links!!! I guess I'll have to buy a t-shirt. :-))
  8. OK, will you allow me a rebuttal? I agree, OSS should always be free. However seems obvious to me the new firmware Mk4 release is being delayed, at least to non-paying customers (who do not buy the retail package which is released presently). Understandably, the hard facts are the forum servers and Darren and company have significant expense in their operation. However a purely pay for download would indeed be chilling and I do not support that. So if a membership program were in effect it would allow access to the latest project code, which would still be made available freely later to everyone, but those who desire to contribute would get access first. You could still join the forum for free. Maybe a donor avatar like someone suggested. If the software gets passed around, well, thats how OSS should be. I am trying to suggest a way for the DIYers here to contribute something toward the expenses here. Or maybe a way to just donate would be fine. Thanks!
  9. Greetings all: This very subject has also been on my mind. I am an ardent DIYer and have built two pineapples to date. The hardware for the MK4 **is** available if you know where to look, and I don't want to undercut any of the hard work of the devs and the hakshop by posting details. Yes I am going to build a MK4 from an OM2P (not the same HW as the MK4) when the fw becomes available but I will have to wait until that time. Darren and the devs have put in a lot of work and should be compensated for their work, I agree. But here's my dilemma: Buying at retail a fully plug and play unit has no interest to me. Part of the learning and fun is to DIY. That being said, might I make a suggestion?? I would suggest, Darren that you offer "memberships" to this forum, the benefit to joining is to contribute to hosting, show costs, and hopefully a portion could go to the devs. And members would get access to download the latest firmware releases for the projects hosted on this forum. I would gladly pay for such a membership, or just make a "donation". That way the DIYers would still pay their fair share toward the costs of running this forum and the production of the (fun) show. Just my 02. Thanks Darren, Seb, Robin and anyone else I forgot to mention!
  10. M1k: The TP link 703 is a similar board as the Hornet, 32mb ram 4 mb flash. Did you have any luck swapping out the flash chip, which one did you use for the 8 mb? Thanks!
  11. To flash over serial this works (see section 5) HERE But you will need a pinout diagram: +---+ |GND| +---+ |TXD| +---+ |RXD| +---+ |VCC| +---+ +-----+ +-----+ +---+ |Power| | LAN | |Ant| Note when you issue the transfer command when logged into Redboot you will still have to initiate the ymodem transfer on your terminal program, its not automatic like when using an IP based transfer. Because your USB/serial adapter requires drivers some of them do not work well for serial transfers. If your chip is FTDI it should work. Or find a vintage PC with a serial port. Good luck
  12. If your project would work with an older version (fon with 16mb ram, 8 mb flash) I have it flashed with Mk3. Works for karma and MITM, but can't run URLsnarf because of the smaller RAM. Heatsink mod and fan installed. Mint condition (except for the mods). 25.00 shipped priority mail. Photos if interested.
  13. Some info..mostly a photo... on the MK4 HERE
  14. Seb will be testing soon for OM2P. (802.11n) Different SoC, 7240 I think, also uses U-boot instead of Redboot. I was not referring to the current 2.01.
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