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Usb Wont Do A Darn Thing


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While working on a few USB hacks I went to format my 4gig san-cruzer (I'm running Ubuntu 11.10) and it will no longer show up as mounted.

I have gone through lsusb, dmesg | tail, all the generic "check and see if the USB is detected" stuff. I'm being told that its detected, however I cannot access it at all. Any ideas?

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I'm just a novice at this but it sounds like you don't have a file system on your USB. The computer is "seeing" the USB but you can't mount it for access because it's empty.

I know folks like doing stuff from Terminal but I personally think that Disks or Disk Utility is an easier way to format and do things with drives including USB drives.

I'd plug it in and open up your Disk Utility(since you're running Ubuntu) and see if you can format it. Then unplug it and plug it back in and see if it'll show up in your Dock. If it does then problem solved, if not then there's something else going on with it.

Like I said, I'm still a novice at Linux having only used it for about 6 months but this is what works for me when using USBs.

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