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hard drive reformat error


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you need a linux live cd with ntfs read support which unless you modify the live cd yourself is hard to come accross, being against the law and all, if you have a usb drive laying around you could install some very barebone distro of linux on that and install ntfs read support on itand use that to move your media to a save place

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I think you will find that in fact basically every linux distro has NTFS support. The NTFS driver in linux is completely non-proprietory. Problem is that it's read only. Write support is still beta afaik.

knoppix should do nicely, but personally i think that if you have a partition that behaves in this way, it could be much more difficult to get your data back. if you can't access using knoppix, i'm going to guess that your problem is that somewhere near the start of the partition where the MFT or other filesystem important information is stored, has been damaged. In which case recovering files could be a real bitch.

there are also utilities that would help you recover files for NTFS, but the free ntfsutils one needs to have a healthy MFT.

i hear spinrite is pretty good in those circumstances. But that's basically just because i listen to securitynow every week and so get to hear steve gibson plug his app every week. never actually used it

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