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what is the diference between vb.net - c# - c++ - java ?

and what is the best ?

Its not a matter of what is best, its a matter of what you want to use. All of those languages are somewhat high level programming languages, as where something like ASM (Assembly) is a low level language that interacts directly with the hardware but much more complex to learn. vb.net is more windows only, while C#, C++ and Java, are cross platform, java being its own containers for compiled files. They all have their purpose and varying pros and cons, but really depends on what you want to do. For example, exploits are often written in Java, since its cross platform and many people have some form of it installed for their browser. For that reason alone, I don't have java installed on any of my machines other than VM's. Java programs tend to be small, c++ programs as well, as where vb.net and c# tend to be a bit larger when compiled, and anything Visual Basic based usually tends to be larger and require more external resources to run(ie: dll run libraries, extensions and the like).

So the question to you is, what is your goal, what must the program do, and what platforms must it run on, windows only, windows, mac and linux, and what type of tasks does it need to do, because depending on the OS, there are other languages you can use as well, that don't require any compiling, but merely scripting alone, ie: bash shell scripting, perl, ruby, etc.

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i want to make programs

and windows can vb.net do that

or there is better language

vb.net is an ok place to start for developing on Windows. For more serious projects, I would suggest something else.

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