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I just had an idea and figured I'd post while it was fresh. There are an unlimited number of brilliant minds on hak5. hak5 is always giving away some nice swag for trivia, contests, etc. I just had a thought, that with all the brilliant minds out there in a variety of area's that us "hacker's" enjoy, why not people just start posting tutorials on what they enjoy doing? Have a separate section in the forums just for tutorials and break it into sub-categories.

Just a thought. The one with the most views at the end of the month, etc. or whatever time period could win some hak5 swag.

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Agreed. There should be specifics though. Say each tutorial should be video recorded if possible, with audio or txt based instructions and a typed version/notes.

Then, not only would we have to wait once a week to get our technolust, there would be new things to learn all the time. I'm sure Darren and the crew would even be interested in some of the tutorials with the mass variety of topic's discussed here.

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