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[BugReport] Red Ducky Sd Card Not Working?


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I have just recieved my ducky in the mail and i put the card in my reader and tried to put a code on it. But my computer cannot see it for some reason. Also when it dose it asks me to put an empty card into the reader. I tried the reader with another sd card i have and it works fine. Anyone know what would cause this, and how to fix it?



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Sometimes the SD cards dont work, try another one - normally find them inside mobile phones.

More importantly read http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=24755.

Hopefully you just have a duff SDcard.

SDcards can be found in camera shops/super-markets small ones <4GB are usually between $5 - $10. Larger 8GB - 16GB are usually $10- $20.

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