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Xen Clustering

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I need some help and direction in making a Xen cluster. What i have is three computers that i want to set up in some kind of resource sharing cluster that i can then apply Xen to so i can virtualize my current setup. Im mostly interested in the heartbeat cluster idea but i cant find anything substantial with three nodes (if heartbeat can even support three nodes). Ive also been trying to use Ubuntu Server 11.10 but thus far im seeing Red Hat is more prominent in the world of clustering and has better supporting documentation than Debian based Linux.

That being said, open discussion.

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You can use ganeti to create a xen Cluster. This is a free tool developped by google to manage several xen servers. It includes HA features like live vm migration support and automatic failover (features only available in the expensive versions of vmware esx) Download an automatic configuration script on http://www.xenclustering.com to help you convert usual debian squeeze servers to working ganeti nodes and follow the tutorials to create working wm.

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