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Python Problem


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Hey guys. I'm having a problem in Python, I know it's something stupid but I can't seem to google my way out of this one.

When I type code into the interpreter, for example this is the effect I WANT:

>>> x = 4

>>> while x > 0:

print('spam!' * x)

x -= 1

However, this is what actually happens:

>>> while x > 0:

... print('spam!' * x)

File "<stdin>", line 2

print('spam!' * x)


IndentationError: expected an indented block

Would anyone tell me how I can successfully indent? Thanks a lot guys. Long live hak5.

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Lol. My book said enter twice. Thanks.

Possibly a mis-read as you will need to hit enter twice to create more code not in the indented block. Example:

&gt;&gt;&gt; x = 4
&gt;&gt;&gt; while x &gt; 0:
...     print('x' * x)
...     x -= 1{Enter}
&gt;&gt;&gt; int0x80 = 'hax'
&gt;&gt;&gt; print int0x80

The spots with {Enter} are where the Enter key was pressed.

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