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Some Questions About Smartphones


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Before a lot of time i saw videos how the nokia n900 can work with a ton of usb things by just using a female-female usb and the usb cable for connecting with the pc. I tried to do the same thing with a normal smartphone(htc wildfire s) but had no result. And i think i have a solution but i need to know if everything will be alright. So here is the solution:


On the pic i have a 9V battery, a usb extender and a female-female usb attached on the male usb of the extender.

The idea is to cut the cable and use the battery for giving power to the female usbs. And then connect the data cables as they should be.

In the past i saw a video where somebody cut a usb extender and showed of that there were 4 wires - 2 for data and 2 for power(+ and -, like in every circuit)

So i will connect the wires for the power as they should be.

And here are the questions about everything

1.Is the n900 trick fail because the htc doesn't give power to the device?

2.Will this solution work?

3.How much volts must be the battery? I'm sure it's not 9.

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