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Alfa Ap51 And Imesh51

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I just got confirmation that the AP51 and the iMesh51 products by Alfa are identical. The only differences are firmware.

Here is the Email I sent and the response.


Thanks for contacting Alfa Customer Service.

That's correct, AP51 and iMesh51 have same hardware spec. The difference

is the firmware, iMesh51 using MESH protocol and AP51 acting as access


May I know what happen to your AP51 and why other device cannot find it?

Can you tell me your how you set up so we can build a similar lab to

test it?

Best Regards,

William Lee

Alfa Network, Inc.

TEL: +886-02-2796-8477 ext.24

FAX: +886-02-2796-8478

於 2011/11/20 上午 07:08, (censored)@gmail.com 提到:

> Alfa,

> I have found it difficult to find the AP51 and noticed the iMesh51

> looks very similar to the AP51 model.

> Do these devices have identical hardware (Chipsets, CPU, etc.)?

> What are differences between these units(Features)?

> Is software the only difference between them?

> Thanks.

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According to Alfa, they are identical hardware. The only difference is firmware. So as soon as Darren updates and gets a stable firmware up on the wiki site, you should be able to just flash and go.

Keep in mind, the iMesh51 are typically more expensive. That and Darren has said around the forums that he would be putting up a "DIY Pineapple Mark III Kit" in the hakshop sometime soon.

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