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Need Help With My Project


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Hey people, I'm starting work on a project to force myself to learn much more than my school is teaching me (in java anyways). Where I need help is getting started understanding what types of things need to be done to accomplish my goal. I want to make my own server/client app set that i can use my android tablet as a wireless doodle pad on my desktop. What I dont know is where to start on the computer server application side as far as listening to the network and move the mouse with the x,y coordinates i am broadcasting from my tablet. The android side is relatively easy but I just don't know where to start with the other end. if anyone has any good resources or knowledge on the subject it would be much appreciated.

what I have already figured is that its going to need a listener to get the information, an interpreter of some sort to take the information sent to it and make use of it, and then the software mouse that takes the information of the moves the courser.

again, any ideas/suggestions are appreciated.

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