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Expensive Security Conferences?


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Hey guys. I had a question, I was thinking about attending a security conference pretty soon. It is a 3 day course for 8 hours per day and the cost is 400 dollars. The person giving the course is named Juan Baby with Tobe Security and apparently he is some big Israeli IT security contractor. The course is supposed to be 60% theory and 40% application. The topics are as follows:

1. Security in Networks

2. Security in Windows Servers

3. Security in Routers/Switches

4. Optimizing Firewalls

5. IDS/IPS Best practice

6. Architecture of Network Security

7. Wireless Security

8. Security in Web Servers

9. Ethical Hacking/Pentetration Tests

10. Implementation of Open Source Security Tools

I was wondering if anyone has attended his courses before and how they went? Or if anyone has attended courses like this and were they satisfied with what they paid for? I'd really like to go, I just don't want to pay 400 bucks for some vague theories and tutorials on cain and abel and usb switchblades and stuff like that. I guess I basically want to get more than what I can get from Security Tube and hak5, hope that makes sense. Thanks guys.

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You want in depth training with the ability to attack real machines with the tools you are learning to use, Offensive Security would be the way to go. 30 days of access to labs too. Not 3 days. Its $750, but more than worth every penny in the long run, and you can work from home over their VPN into the network.


If you are only interested in Wireless stuff, they have a WiFu course for under $400.

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