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Hak5 And Rev3 On Dvd Players


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So much to my surprise, I updated my Samsung Blu-ray player and lo and behold, I get Hak5(and variosu other Rev3 shows) on my DVD player now. This is how I watch netflix normally, but now it has other apps as well with shows like Tekzilla, apps like Twitter and google on my TV, as well as facebook(wish I could remove the app, but we don't use it anyway, so it just sits in the apps area) and a whole slew of other shows and podcasts, as well as music and radio shit.

So if any of you own a Samsung Blu-ray player and it streams netflix, go into the internet settings and update it, see what other easter egss you might find. Might end up being able to watch Hak5 natively, and in high quality HD, right on your tv, without the need for a computer.

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