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Is There A Universal Software To Decompile All Dll Files


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There is no way to get the original source code from a DLL file without the original source code. Decompilers only show you machine code, instructions at the lower level of the programs usually in assembly. There are some Visual Basic editors out there that can show some parts of a forms source file, but for the most part, compiled dll files are like most other binary files on the system and not reversible to plain text of the original source code. However, if you want to see what a dll file does or is doing, use a debugger like Olly Debug or IDA pro. You will need to run the executable that calls the dll file and attach its process to the debugger so you can step through its routines. If this is malware of any kind, do it in a sandbox or virtual machine. If there are comments of code you are trying to find, use a program like strings or PeID.

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