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[Encoder] Duckencoder For Android


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Hey everyone,

As sort of a proof of concept I made an Android app that will allow you to create inject.bin files on the MicroSD card inside your Android device, whether it be a tablet or phone. I started this project before jpduckencoder, and haven't had time to merge the changes back into this project, so it may suffer from the DELAY issues, but I've tested it on some basic STRING commands and it works great!

Here is the download: http://cl.ly/2V2Q1S2E3U1d2Y3t3v2f

No all you need is your phone to create payloads and then pop the card into your RubberDucky and you're good to go!

Note: It doesn't work on 100% of devices. For example, the Motorola Xoom lists /sdcard as being the SD Card location, but it's actually internal memory that that section of code is pointing to.

Email thoughts/comments/bugs to joe+ade [at] pintozzi [dot] com

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